— EPISODE .02 —

Not a single day to waste, gentlemen


That morning, they were all blissfully unaware of was about to happen. Some of them even contemplated smoking one last cigarette before getting on the turbo bike. 

And that’s when reality hit them. Blood, sweat and tears.
Pushing the pedals and putting the hammer down. 

They got  their training schedules and they got their warning: “Not a single day to waste, gentlemen. Especially you, Luc” 

Physical trainer Michel Geerinck has 7 months left to turn these guys into near-pro athletes... 





— EPISODE .01 —

I like cycling. But flat. And not far.


“Life is what happened to you while you were busy making other plans.” We don’t even remember who said it first. It wàsn’t Lennon. But it’s true. And these four guys are the living proof. Dedicated and talented professionals. Creatives, artists, fathers, husbands, friends. Passionate and committed to their jobs, struggling to keep several balls in the air. But also: speeding down a one way street fast. No condition, no exercise. 

Out of shape and on an unhealthy diet, despite numerous plans, over the last 10 years to change all that. ‘All I need is a little pressure to start working on my health’, one of them stated. We decided to up the ante and give them something to aim for. Over the next 10 months we will bring them together, mold them into a team, turn them into athletes and dispute a 4-stage bike race with them on a grueling course in the French Pyrenees.


All we ask in return is their dedication. And their FAITH.